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Will a Covid-19 Relief Deal Be Struck Soon?

The ongoing pandemic has caused many Americans to suffer financially due to a loss of jobs and businesses shutting down. Proposals for another coronavirus relief package are currently ongoing and should include another stimulus check distributed out to taxpayers as well as providing assistance to businesses that are finding it difficult to stay open.

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Can Working Remotely Lead to Additional Taxes?

Many taxpayers have switched from working in the office to working at home because of COVID. Most people don’t realize that there could be tax implications when working from home and could end up with a tax-time surprise if they’re not up to date on current tax laws.

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Economic Impact Payment Extended for Non-Filers to November 21st

Taxpayers who don’t typically file their taxes and have yet to receive a stimulus check should register online on the IRS website in order to receive their economic impact payment. The IRS is allowing Americans to register online until November 21, 2020.

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Taxpayers in Financial Hardship could Qualify for Stimulus Check

Many Americans are facing homelessness or financial hardship during the ongoing pandemic could qualify for a $1,200 Economic Impact payment. If your income threshold is below $12,200 or $24,000 if you’re married, you will need to register with the IRS by November 21st in order to receive your money.

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Taking a CARES Act Retirement Withdrawal could Lead to a Tax Liability

If you’re out of work due to the coronavirus and in need of money fast, you might want to consider withdrawing from your retirement savings. Taxpayers who have had a negative impact on their finances due to the pandemic should know that temporary changes to the rules under the CARES Act allows taxpayers to make early withdrawals from their traditional individual accounts. Here is everything you need to know about making an early distribution and what the possible tax implication could be for you.

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Is My Social Security Number Required in Order to File My Taxes?

For those that are filing for the first time on their own, it can seem overwhelming trying to figure out what information you need to provide to the IRS in order for your return to be accepted. One question that many people ask is if a social security number is necessary to have when filing their taxes. Here’s everything you know about if your social security number is required and what you should do if you don’t have one.

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The IRS to Contact Taxpayers Who are Eligible for a Stimulus Check

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many Americans have been struggling to stay financially afloat. To help offset the many expenses that households across America are facing, the government issued out $1,200 stimulus checks to qualifying taxpayers. If you have yet to claim your check or didn’t realize that you were eligible for relief money, you can expect the IRS to contact you to notify you about your check.

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If a Second Stimulus Check is Approved, When will it Arrive?

Ongoing negotiations are underway to pass another relief package to assist Americans that were affected by COVID-19. It is assumed that another economic relief rescue package will be passed and taxpayers will be paid out for a second time this year however, it will depend on how quickly the IRS can distribute the money to qualifying Americans. Here are important stimulus check facts taxpayers should know.

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