March 26, 2013

We were over here talking about “surviving” your smaller paycheck.

Joke’s on us–you didn’t even notice.

Some background: The payroll tax jumped from 4.2% last year to 6.2% this year. Starting from January, your bi-weekly paycheck dropped by about the price of dinner. Yes, you can now afford two less dinners per month.

And yet, many Americans didn’t notice, or care.

According to a survey out by Bankrate, 48% of Americans didn’t notice that their paycheck had shrunk. Somebody is not keeping a careful eye on their budget.

While 30% of consumers say they’ve cut their spending, interestingly, the least likely to change their spending habits or even notice the drop in their paycheck were low-income households.

But this proves something we’ve been hinting at for a while now: You often don’t miss a few dollars shaved off each paycheck. So don’t be afraid to increase your retirement savings or send money straight to your savings account every month. If the government can do it without you caring, you can too.