July 15, 2021

With three Economic Impact Payments issued out, the IRS is now required to mail out a notice to each recipient’s last known address. The notice provides details regarding the payment amount, how the payment was made and how to report any payment that was not received. Some individuals may receive multiple notices that detail each payment that they have received. For the most part, most taxpayers will file away their stimulus notice with the rest of their tax documents until the next tax-filing season and will not be required to take further action with the IRS.

Here is what each stimulus notice you may have received means and what action you may need to take:

  • Notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment. After the first economic payment was issued in 2020, the IRS mailed Notice 1444 within 15 days of an individual receiving their payment. Some people received another Notice 1444 if the IRS corrected or issued more than one payment in the first round.
  • Notice 1444-A, You May Need to Act to Claim Your Payment. The IRS mailed this notice out last year to taxpayers who are usually not required to file a federal income tax return but may still be eligible for the first stimulus payment. People who did not get the first or second Economic Impact Payment or did not get the full amount may be eligible to claim the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit. These individuals will need to file their 2020 tax return even if they are not typically required to do so.
  • Notice 1444-B, Your Second Economic Impact Payment. Taxpayers received Notice 1444-B several weeks after their second payment. Those who did not receive their payment should refer to the FAQs page for stimulus payments on the IRS website.
  • Notice 1444-C, Your 2021 Economic Impact Payment. Taxpayers who received the third stimulus check should have already received their notice informing them of their payment. Taxpayers should keep this notice with the rest of their tax records.

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